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SAVE $10 We've waived the enrollment fee - Save $10.00! You can add a second family/household member for half-price - Only $17.00! (Usually $34.00)

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Please select the level of your membership. And remember, no matter what membership you choose - you will have the best Emergency Road Service available in the country and enjoy great member-only savings with AAA Travel Agency, AAA Insurance Agency and our Show Your Card & Save discount program. Please make sure to read our Emergency Road Service Guidelines.

Please note that, for all plans, an additional charge will apply for new members requesting service on a pre-existing breakdown. AAA Plus, Premier, Plus RV, and Premier RV coverage are not available for pre-existing breakdowns, but will apply to future breakdowns.

*See Emergency Road Service Guidelines for a list of eligible trailers.

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AAA Associate membership extends AAA services to one household member residing at the same address and any unmarried children, 25 and younger, living at home or away at school. Remember, since we cover the member, not the vehicle, Associate memberships can keep your children, no matter how young, from being stranded if they are traveling with a relative, friend or babysitter who might not have AAA coverage. Add the first associate member for half-price - Only $17.00! Each additional Associate costs just $34.00 per year in addition to your Primary membership dues. All associate members will receive the same level of coverage as the Primary member, whether the Primary membership is Classic, Plus, Premier, Plus RV, or Premier RV.
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